Staff at Tower Records say the rockers are the most drunk, poorly behaved band they've ever encountered...

RAGING SPEEDHORN have been banned from ever playing or taking part in signing sessions at TOWER RECORDS again after they caused havoc inside the LONDON PICCADILLY store last week (June 7), wrecking some of the shops’ fixtures and fittings and daubing ‘c–t’ on the forehead of one young fan with a permanent marker pen.

The parents of the child are threatening legal action against Tower Records, the band’s label (ZTT), management and the band themselves, though the word was written at the child’s request.

During the signing session, the six-piece constantly threw beer over the audience, defaced instore displays and broke a security camera. Staff commented that they were the most drunk, poorly behaved band they had ever encountered.

In a brief statement,

Raging Speedhorn , who had been promoting recently released new single ‘The Gush’, were unrepentant.

“They (Tower) were the ones providing us with the alcohol, so what did they really expect from a band

Raging Speedhorn ? “The security camera breaking wasn’t meant to happen, we only tried to headbutt it and it fell apart!

“And the kid we wrote on… well, we didn’t want to write ‘c–t’ on his forehead, we wanted to put ‘Scunthorpe Utd’ but there wasn’t enough room.”