Rammstein deny Till Lindemann drink-spiking allegation

The frontman was recently accused of spiking a fan's drink at a concert pre-party

Rammstein have denied all allegations against frontman Till Lindemann regarding him spiking a fan’s drink at a concert pre-party.

The band released a statement on their official Twitter page in both German and English, addressing the recent spiking claims against the frontman stating: “With regard to the allegations circulating on the internet about Vilnius, we can rule out the possibility that what is being claimed took place in our environment. We are not aware of any official investigations into this matter.”

As Loudwire reports, a Reddit user by the name of Shelby69666 uploaded a now-deleted post titled “Fuck Rammstein” on May 23 that featured a photo of a large bruise with the caption, “Spiked, no idea when this happened.”

She had attended the band’s concert in Vilnius the day prior and was apparently invited to a pre-party by a member of their crew. Numerous threads stemming from that post were deleted by the Reddit page’s moderators due to them being considered hearsay.

The next day, a Twitter account with the same Shelby69666 username, using the display name Shelby Lynn, elaborated on the allegations. Here, she explained that she had direct-messaged a woman by the name of Aleena Makeeva, who allegedly recruits women to stand in the front row at Rammstein concerts who are usually trying to get into the band’s afterparty.

Shelby shared that Makeeva responded and invited her to a WhatsApp group. Once at the show, Shelby explained that Joe Letz, a member of the Rammstein side project Lindemann, escorted her and a group of women to “Row 0” to a pre-party where they were required to leave their phones on the table and alcoholic drinks were provided by the band.

She claims that she only had two drinks but felt extremely intoxicated for the rest of the night. Lynn was told by Letz that that Lindemann would like to meet her under the stage during the concert’s DJ interlude. After asking if the meeting was a “sex thing” Letz allegedly replied that it was not and that Lindemann was a “perfect gentleman.”

She also recalls being led to meet the band’s frontman around 8pm and told him that she did not want to have sex with him. She claims that he had an angry outburst in response and then he left. She has made it clear that is not accusing him of rape.

After returning to “Row 0”, she claims to have vague memories of attending an afterparty, vomiting in a bathroom and returning to her hotel room. Her Twitter account mainly focuses on the incident with photos (including ones of bruises on her body), videos and texts of her at the party.

Lindemann himself has not yet publicly responded to the allegations.

For help, advice or more information regarding sexual harassment, assault and rape in the UK, visit the Rape Crisis charity website. In the US, visit RAINN.

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