Rammstein’s Till Lindemann accused of assaulting man who allegedly insulted his female companion

Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann is said to be under investigation after being accused of assault following the band’s recent show in Munich.

The German metal pioneers, who are currently on tour in support of their latest untitled album, performed a show at Munich’s Olympiastadion on June 8 before an altercation is said to have occurred in the lobby of the Bayerischer Hof hotel.

German news outlet Bild reports that it is there when Lindemann, 56, was said to be upset when a 54-year-old Hamburg man allegedly insinuated that the frontman’s female companion was a prostitute.

The woman alleges that the man said to her in English, “I would pay double for you”.


After Lindemann demanded an apology from the bystander, it is then claimed that he clenched his fist and asked him to walk away before the frontman is alleged to have elbowed him in the face – leaving him with a bloody nose and possible broken jaw.

“Till is the most polite person I know,” his former girlfriend Sophia then told Bild. “I have no idea what happened to upset him. But if he snapped, his reaction was justified.”

Lindemann is yet to respond to the accusations around the incident. NME has approached a Rammstein spokesperson for comment.

Rammstein will return to the UK on July 2 to play Milton Keynes Bowl as part of their extensive summer 2019 European tour.