The Ramones’ debut album to receive bumper reissue for 40th anniversary

Four-disc version of self-titled album has new mix and previously-unreleased songs.

The Ramones‘ self-titled debut album is to be reissued on July 29 to mark its 40th anniversary.

The special four-disc edition of ‘The Ramones’ features a new mono mix, a live album plus a disc which includes seven previously-unreleased demos.

The album was originally released in 1976 and features influential punk songs including ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’, ‘Beat On The Brat’, ‘Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue’ and ‘Judy Is A Punk’. At the time, drummer Tommy Ramone said in the band’s press biography: “The sound is not unlike a fast drill on a rear molar.”

Housed in an LP-sized box, the 40th anniversary edition has a remastered version of the album plus a new mono mix on the first disc. The second CD is a 14-song disc of alternative mixes, out-takes and demos, which includes previously-unheard demos of ‘Chain Saw’, ‘You’re Gonna Kill That Girl’ and ‘Loudmouth’ plus an unheard version of ‘Today Your Love Tomorrow The World’ with more explicit lyrics.

The third disc features complete gigs recorded at Los Angeles club The Roxy on August 12, 1976. The first 16-song show has been available before, but another gig the band played on the same night has remained unreleased until now. The fourth disc is a vinyl LP featuring the stereo and mono mixes from the first CD.

Other extras on the album include an essay by album producer Chris Leon, plus photos by Roberta Bayley, whose portrait of The Ramones is featured on the cover of the sleeve.

The Ramones released a total of 14 albums, with their final album ‘Adios Amigos!’ arriving in 1995. All four original members of the band – Johnny, Dee Dee, Tommy and Joey – have died.