Marky Ramone suing distribution company for $1.175 million in unpaid royalties

Ramones drummer claims he hasn't received any money since 2008

RamonesMarky Ramone is suing the company in charge of paying royalties, claiming he’s owed $1.175 million (£787,000).

The drummer – real name Marc Bell – claims he hasn’t been paid since 2008 and now wants $175,000 (£117,000) in owed royalties and $1 million (£670,000) in punitive damages.

As TMZ reports, Bell has filed formal lawsuit documents with the New York Supreme Court, stating that the company in question is in violation of a contract he signed with them in 2005.

As previously reported, the owner of the CBGB brand – the club the Ramones regularly played at – has filed for bankruptcy with debts over $1 million.