New evidence in Ramones manager murder

Male blood found in Linda Stein's sink

New forensic evidence has emerged in the murder case of Linda Stein who was found dead in her Fifth Avenue apartment last October.

Former Ramones manager Stein was bludgeoned to death, and her assistant Natavia Lowery is currently being held without bail.

Now a forensic report says a tiny speck of male blood was found in the sink of Stein’s bathroom, and Lowery’s lawyer Ron Kuby is asking that police look for the male with matching DNA of that blood.

“Wouldn’t you expect the DA’s office to say, Aha, we have a suspect here, let’s try to find him, rather than to try to explain away the physical evidence?” he asked

Meanwhile a statement from the DA’s office says: “It’s a tiny speck of blood that was found in the master bathroom. There’s nothing to suggest it was the blood of the murderer.”

No blood was found on Lowery’s clothing or shoes, and with no murder weapon found, she is not linked forensically to the murder.

She did confess to the murder, but retracted her confession – her lawyer saying she would have “said anything” to get out of the interrogation room.

–By our New York staff.

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