Martin Scorsese linked to potential Ramones film

The band's estate has a new documentary, theatrical play and book planned

The Ramones’ estate is looking into a potential feature film about the band, which already has Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese linked to it.

The band’s estate was until recently controlled separately, with Johnny’s widow Linda Ramone looking after his half and Joey’s brother Mickey controlling his share. However, the estates have now united and are being co-managed by Jampol Artist Management, which also handles the estates of The Doors, Janis Joplin, Tupac and Otis Redding.

The company has ambitious plans for the Ramones’ legacy, with Billboard reporting that there are several projects in the works, including a documentary, play and a book.

“The 40th anniversary of the Ramones is coming up in 2016, that’s when the first album came out. So we have a lot of projects leading up to that. We’re looking at a documentary on the Ramones, we just secured a ton of footage, much of which has never been seen before,” the company’s Jeff Jampol told the magazine. “It came from the Ramones on the road over the years in the ’70s and a little bit in the ’80s, from a gentleman who had shot them, his name is George Seminara.”

Speaking about the book, Jampol added: “You’ll see a book coming, which is not a biographical book so much, but a story of the band’s formation and those first few records and that craziness that happened. It’ll be a combination of prose, photographs and memorabilia and posters, just kind of documenting the scene.”

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Morrissey has compiled the tracklisting for a new Ramones compilation album. The artwork for the LP, ‘Best Of The Ramones’, was also selected by Morrissey and can be seen above.