And we've got all the details of the eagerly awaited posthumous collection...

After months of speculation, the late, great Ramones‘s long touted solo album has been confirmed for release in the UK on February 18.

‘Don’t Worry About Me’ will appear in the US on the following day. The album will be released through Sanctuary Records. Opening with a cover of Louis Armstrong’s ‘What A Wonderful World’, delivered in Ramones‘s inimitable way, the album was recorded in the two years before Ramones‘s death from lymphatic cancer in April 2001.

“Ironically, right before he got sick was when he finished the last bit,” said producer Daniel Rey. “And then I mixed it after he passed. That’s one reason why the vocals took long, because he wanted to sing when he felt good.”

Ramones‘s brother Mickey Leigh also features, alongside veteran punks Andy Shernoff (The Dictators) Frank Funaro (Del Lords) and Ramones‘s old band-mate Marky Ramone.

The full tracklisting to ‘Don’t Worry About Me’ is:

‘What A Wonderful World’

‘Stop Thinking About It’

‘Mr. Punchy’

‘Maria Bartiromo’

‘I Got A Spirit In My House’

‘Venting (It’s A Different World Today’

‘Like A Drug I Never Did Before’

‘Searching For Something’

‘I Got Knocked Down (But I’ll Get Up)’


‘Don’t Worry About Me’