You may soon be able to visit Joey Ramone Place...

RAMONES legend JOEY RAMONE is set to have a part of his native NEW YORK named in his honour.

A street corner located in the city’s East Village near to the punk club CBGB where the Ramones made their name, is likely to be named Joey Ramone Place, according to MTV news.

A meeting of the local council approved a motion to rename the corner of East Second Street and the Bowery on Wednesday (November 7).

20-year-old Maureen Wojciechowski, who proposed the changes said: “I came up with the idea right after Joey’s 50th birthday, but wasn’t sure exactly. Then someone mentioned honorary street signs, and how, as is the case with most in the city, no one knows who they are named for. So I thought, ‘That’s it. I’ll put one up for Joey Ramone.’ “

For the changes to be made, the proposal must greeted with approval from a 50-member community board meeting due to take place next week (November 15).

As previously reported on NME.COM, Joey Ramone died in April this year following a long battle with lymphatic cancer. He was later laid to rest at the Hillside Cemetery in Woodhurst, New Jersey.