Guitarist Lars Frederiksen's solo project is produced by vocalist Tim Armstrong...

RANCID guitarist LARS FREDERIKSEN and vocalist TIM ARMSTRONG have written an album for FREDERIKSEN’s side project LARS FREDERIKSEN AND THE BASTARDS to be released in April through HELLCAT RECORDS.

The album, also called ‘Lars Frederiksen And The Bastards’, is based around the guitarist’s memories of his hometown of Campbell, California. It is produced by Armstrong and will appear on April 9.

Speaking about the project, Frederiksen said: “My mom had to go out and work and there was a lot of time for me and my brother to get into trouble. We joined gangs and we did shit like that. We’re talking about the Reagan/Bush era of the US and anyone who remembers that remembers it was not a prosperous time for working-class kids or working-class families.”

He added: “It had its moments like any little suburban shit town. The thing about Campbell, it’s not like it’s some special place, but it’s a special place to me.”