Rapper Chika praises “hero” Duffy for helping her through depression

"She changed my life for the better after someone attempted to change her’s for the worse"

Rapper Chika has praised Duffy for helping her through a bout of depression after the Welsh singer publicly detailed her past kidnap ordeal.

Duffy shared an emotive post last night (February 25) on how she had been “raped and drugged and held captive over some days”. The ‘Mercy’ artist explained to fans that her subsequent recovery “took time”, leading to a continued absence from the music industry.

Shortly after this news broke, Alabama rapper Chika – real name Jane Chika Oranika – took to Twitter to recall how Duffy had personally reached out in 2017 to support her through a difficult time.


In the Twitter thread, Chika explained that Duffy had “told me her story” after making contact via social media. Later in the series of posts, she hailed the singer “a literal goddess” and “the reason I learned to process pain.”

“No one really knows this, but Duffy was the first artist to invest in me,” Chika began her message. “She literally paid for my first time in the studio. She found me on Instagram while I was in a low place, and immediately became my fairy godmother.

“She was so excited to had [sic] stumbled across my page, but it was 2017, I was struggling with gaining (and losing) Internet ‘fame’. She was so worried for me and recognized that I was dealing with depression. She then told me her story.”

Chika went on to say that Duffy “encouraged me with the best advice I’ve ever gotten”, which was: “If you’re sad, take time to be sad. Really feel it. If you don’t want to do anything, don’t. If you wanna stay in bed and eat a fucking giant slice of chocolate cake, do it. Do what it takes to get through.”

Later in the thread, Chika said: “She called me weekly to check up on me, taught me to meditate, got me into numerology. A literal goddess.”


She concluded: “Anyways, fucking kudos to Duffy. Sending her endless amounts of love. She changed my life for the better after someone attempted to change her’s for the worse. We need more people like her. My fuckin hero.”

You can read the full message in the above tweet.

Writing in her statement last night, Duffy said she would be sharing a “spoken interview” within the next few weeks and that she hopes to answer fans’ questions. “I have a sacred love and sincere appreciation for your kindness over the years,” she added.

Duffy signed a record deal in 2007: her album ‘Rockferry’ became the best-selling record of 2008 in the UK.


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