“I’m not bowing down to this fuckhead” – Rapper Jake Hill cancels show in protest over Morrissey’s meat ban at the venue

"I'm not bowing down to this fuckhead. Fuck you, Morrissey. Bitch!"

Alabama rapper Jake Hill cancelled his planned performance in Houston yesterday (October 28), because of a venue-wide ban on the sale and consumption of meat imposed by Morrissey, who was also performing there that day.

Hill posted a video to his Twitter explaining the decision, captioned “Big fuck you to @officialmoz”, with a bag from fast food joint Chick-fil-A in the background.


“If anybody was coming to the show tonight, I’m sorry to tell you it’s been cancelled,” he said.

“[As] soon as we get here we find out that there’s a bigger artist playing on the lawn, who is a vegetarian. Which is fine. But he has made a specific contract rule that you cannot have any meat in the venue.”



Hill said he had been unaware of the situation until he’d ordered his good and had been told to eat it outside “like a fucking dog, or walk 500 yards down to a bar.”

He continued: “I hate to do this but I’m not about to bow down to this guy, the show’s been cancelled. I’m sorry. I’m not bowing down to this fuckhead. Fuck you, Morrissey. Bitch!”


Following up on Twitter, Hill said: “I understand we’ll get a lot of hate for this and lose supporters but I’m not gonna be told what I can and can’t eat at a venue that I just spent 40 days getting to, all because a bigger artist doesn’t like meat.”

He later followed up again, saying: “This is about being treated like an equal human. I’m not gonna do a show where me and my crew aren’t treated as such.”

Hill has also promised to perform a free show in Houston in 2020.

Morrissey, meanwhile, continues a tour which has seen him selling albums by other artists, signed by him, and wearing a shirt saying ‘Fuck The Guardian’ in response to negative coverage from the British newspaper.