Rapper under house arrest in trouble after using courtroom for music video

A local judge allowed the shoot to happen

A rapper known as Lil’ Cray is in trouble after filming part of his music video in a Cleveland courtroom.

The rapper was reportedly already facing serious charges ahead of the shoot. The filming took place in the courtroom of Judge Michael Ryan at the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Justice Center.

According to Fox8, records show that ‘Lil’ Cray’ is facing dozens of charges in adult court for criminal gang activity, attempted murder, weapons, and more.

Judge Michael Ryan reportedly allowed the shoot to do ahead, commenting that he opened his courtroom after-hours for an old friend who is also a music producer. He was initially unaware that the video involved ‘Lil Cray. The Judge says he was aware of the pending charges, but the rapper had been out of jail on house arrest.

“Last time I checked the Constitution, everyone is innocent until proven guilty.” Ryan said, “I’m always about helping young people especially when I see that they have promise. They have talent.”

When asked if he’d open his courtroom for a music video shoot again, Ryan replied “No. No. Probably not one of the better choices that I made. But I was trying to help.”

The county have refused to release footage of Lil’ Cray’s video shoot , claiming that the release of any security video from inside the juvenile justice centre would be a security risk.