You can now buy this rare Jack White-upholstered footstool – and it might have a hidden record inside

If you've got a spare thousand or so lying around, of course

A piece of furniture upholstered by Jack White is up for sale – and it may well have some musical treasure inside.

White apprenticed with another Detroit musician and upholsterer, Brian Muldoon, at Detroit’s Third Man Upholstery before his musical career took off with The White Stripes.

And now an ottoman said to have been worked on by the musician is available to buy on eBay for $3,579.00 (approximately £2,724).

eBay seller ‘mapitaly6’ writes in theauction description that the footstool was upholstered sometime between 1996 and 1998.

The description also reads: “100% authentic with Jack’s card on the bottom. These upholstered pieces are becoming rarer and rarer to find and the few sales I’ve seen in the past have been in the thousands. The ottoman alone is worth nearly 1k without being related to Jack.”

Jack White documentary

Jack White

Muldoon and White were once in a band called the Upholsterers. In the early 2000s, the two of them pressed 100 copies of their second single, ‘Your Furniture Was Always Dead … I Was Just Afraid To Tell You’, and hid them in furniture that was being upholstered.

Readers may remember that in 2014 two of those records were found in some furniture. And, in 2016, a furniture owner got excited at the prospect that their Jack White-upholstered chairs had some vinyl inside.

Earlier this month, White released a trailer for his new documentary Kneeling At The Anthem DC, which features previously-unseen live footage and clips of him  exploring Washington DC’s sights.