Rat Boy covers Lil Jon and wakes up Leeds with massive main stage set

It's the shot in the arm that Leeds needed...

Rat Boy delivered a energetic Leeds Festival set as he made his main stage debut, inciting a sea of mosh-pits and helping to finally brush off the hangovers that still lingered from last night.

Before Jordan Cardy and his Essex troublemakers take the stage, it’s been a pretty subdued afternoon. As Mallory Knox play before him, most punters opt to casually observe from the back as they sit in the sunshine and tentatively sip their first post-hangover pint of the day.

But from the moment Cardy and co take to the stage shortly before 3PM, they waste no time in providing the injection of energy that the day has been lacking so far.


During the 45 minute set, they blast through a selection of songs from recent debut ‘Scum’, with a predominantly teen crowd singing every word back at Cardy.

There’s also time for Rat Boy to take on an unexpected cover of Lil Jon’s ‘Get Low’, which inspires one of the biggest sing-alongs of the weekend as he belts out a certain line involving windows and walls.

It’s late on in the set when he plays anthem-in-waiting ‘Sign On’, which sparks a sea of mosh pits and crowd surfers, finally providing a sure-fire sign that the Leeds crowd are ready to give it their all once more.

As far as mid-afternoon sets go, it’s the perfect shot-in-the-arm that Leeds was desperately waiting for. Next time around, he’s bound to be even higher up the bill.

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