Ratatat and 120 Days sell out LA

The bands get the joint jumping

New York‘s Ratatat and Norway’s 120 Days won over a sold-out crowd at Los AngelesHenry Fonda Music Box Theatre last night (April 2).

Headliners Ratatat worked the crowd up into a dance frenzy with their relentlessly upbeat instrumental jams.

“This is one of the biggest shows we’ve ever played,” keyboardist Evan Mast told the crowd.


The trio didn’t say much aside from “thank you” throughout the night, but guitarist Mike Stroud spoke volumes with his body language, bending over backward and falling to his knees while rocking out.

Earlier in the evening, 120 Days lived up to their ranking as NME‘s second-best new band at Austin‘s South By Southwest Festival, with their scuzzed-out space rock and slowly building crescendos that evolved into major dance anthems.

“This song is so new you are the first people in the world to hear it,” frontman Adne Meisfjord told the crowd before launching into an as-yet untitled epic dance number. “It’s a song you can dance to so we’d appreciate it if you could move your feet.”

The audience complied, rocking out while Meisfjord whacked away on the symbols alongside the drummer Arcade Fire-style.

“It was definitely fun,” Meisfjord told NME.COM after the show.

“It’s been really good this time around with South By Southwest and this tour. But we’re really looking forward to heading back to Europe. Hopefully next time we come back to the States we can afford to bring our soundman,” he said.


Ratatat‘s set list was:




‘Germany To Germany’

‘Loud Pipes’



‘Seventeen Years’

‘El Pico’



‘Breaking Away’


120 Days played:

‘I’ve Lost My Vision’


‘Get Away’

‘So This Is Suicide’

‘Unnamed Jam’

‘Come Out Come Down Fade Out Be Gone’

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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