Ratking to continue, despite founder member leaving

New York rappers reduced to a duo

Ratking have vowed to continue, despite rapper Hak leaving the New York rap trio.

Hak announced his departure in an interview with i-D, saying: “It’s all love that I project towards them. But I just felt like I wasn’t being treated nicely. They didn’t see it for me. It was too many cooks in the kitchen, not enough men. I need balance.”

The band’s spokesman told XXL they would continue despite Hak’s departure. He made his announcement in the week his debut solo album ‘June’ was released.


Both of Ratking’s other members, rapper Wiki and producer Sporting Life, released solo albums last year. Sporting Life released ’55 5s’ on R&S Records, as a download and cassette. Wiki released ‘Lil Me’ and has since announced a side-project band, Secret Circle, with ‘Heavy Hearted In Doldrums’ rapper Antwon and Lil Ugly Mane, the New York rapper who had quit music in 2013.

Wiki had alluded to tensions in Ratking last week, when he tweeted: “Ima make it clear. Bridges burnt are bridges burnt. The amount of times this dude fucked me over, hahaha.”

Ratking’s only album so far, ‘So It Goes’, was released on XL in 2014 and features collaborations with King Krule and Wavy Spice.