Razorlight barred from Russian performance

The band are denied permits to play

Razorlight were denied permits to perform a gig in Russia on Friday night (November 24).

The band were due to headline a show for 4,000 people and found out, only four hours before show time, that they didn’t have permission to play the gig.

The promoters of the event were assured that the paperwork for the gig was complete but, according to a statement, “At the last minute (the promoters) were cryptically told that Razorlight and the concert…could not go ahead as the ‘government said ‘No’.

“The permits were denied because, allegedly, in order for the gig to go ahead the ‘government’ required a further ‘permit’ costing an astronomical amount of cash.”

Razorlight were denied further explanations “as promoters said they did not feel comfortable speaking about this matter over the telephone”.