Razorlight criticise the Queen’s fashion sense

The boys complain as bears are killed to make guards' hats

Razorlight have attacked the Queen’s Guards for their choice of headware.

The band have urged the Ministry of Defence to stop using real fur in the soldiers’ famous headware, as it comes from Canadian black bears.

Bassist Carl Dalemo explained: “I’m just asking people to sign the [PETA] bearskins petition to save the beautiful Canadian bears from getting slaughtered to have their fur in the Queen’s Guards‘ hats – a completely pointless exercise.”

According to PETA, it can take the entire hide of one bear to create just one of the Queens’ Guards’ hat.

Johnny Borrell and the boys are just the latest stars to take part in a PETA campaign, joining musicians including Morrissey, The Rakes, Conor Oberst and Lady Sovereign in their support for the animal rights organisation.