Razorlight play free show in London

The Trafalgar Square gig's for a good cause

Razorlight played a free show in London‘s Trafalgar Square today (November 4).

The band played to thousands at the Stop Climate Chaos event, which took place on the eve of global climate talks in Nairobi.

Razorlight‘s set was:


‘In The Morning’


‘In The City’

Earlier, frontman Johnny Borrell had said he was not performing at the event to be a hero. He told The Mirror newspaper: “A band can highlight the work of people who make the world better. They’re the heroes, not the rock stars.”

The event was set up by a pressure group who want the Government to negotiate an international deal to keep global warming to less than 2C, and introduce a Climate Change Bill into the Queen’s Speech that delivers annual cuts in UK carbon dioxide emissions.

The Stern Report this week focused on the financial costs of climate change, and the Government announced that it accepts urgent action on the issue is needed.


Others who appeared at the event included KT Tunstall, comedian and author Rob Newman and actress Miranda Richardson.

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