If they make any profit the band will donate to charity, but they probably won’t…

Razorlight have broken their silence following the LIVE 8 chart bubble.

As previously reported, many of the acts who took part in last weekend’s (July 2) concert have seen their album sales increase dramatically, leading some artists including The Who and Pink Floyd to pledge these extra revenues to charity.

However due to their fledging status, [/a] revealed they would probably be unable to give any money away, leading to some criticism in the media.

Contacting NME.COM, frontman Johnny Borrell, who is in Edinburgh today (July 6), hit back insisted if he could give any money he would.

“[a] have been involved in Make Poverty History for the past six months,” explained the singer. “Make Poverty History is an awareness campaign, however if the band earn any money from increased sales we will donate it to charity.”

The Live 8 focus moves to Edinburgh today where a concert will take place this evening to try to influence the G8 leaders who are meeting nearby.