Razorlight plan to reveal new songs at ‘Royal’ show

Band to dash from album sessions to charity gig

Razorlight are to make a rare excursion from the studio to play the Royal Albert Hall for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Although currently holed-up in a Chiswick studio working on the follow-up to 2004’s ‘Up All Night’, they agreed to the gig on March 30 after being approached by charity patron and The Who frontman Roger Daltrey.

Johnny (Borrell, singer) got a call and when he checked it was Roger Daltrey – bloody hell!” recalled drummer Andy Burrows. “Of course we said yes. The fact it’s linked to cancer is an incredibly important part of it. It’s something that affects everyone, so it’s worth coming out of the studio for, times a hundred.”

The brief break from recording with producer Chris Thomas will allows the band the opportunity to roadtest some new songs.

“We’ll probably chuck in some of them,” announced Burrows. “I’ve no idea exactly what it will be until Johnny (Borrell) tells us ten minutes before we go on. We’ve been playing ‘In The Morning’ for quite a while now so I’d expect that one.”

Burrows added that swapping studio isolation for the sold out show would be strange though.

“It will be weird to play live,” he explained. “There’s live mode and creative mode, so you’re a bit vulnerable after you’ve been in the studio but it’s a really good thing for us to come out and play.”

However despite the pause, Burrows explained Razorlight have been happy with their progress.

“I’m fucking excited with what we’re doing!” he declared. “There have been some special moments when the band just clicked. It’s just been really cool. We’re five weeks in we’ve got a load of songs done, it’s ace.”