Razorlight: ‘We were Spinal Tap from the start’

Also find out if Johnny Borrell pays for his porno mags in NME's exclusive video

Razorlight’s Johnny Borrell has revealed to NME that his band were “Spinal Tap from the start”, in a video which you can watch above.

Referring to the band from the 1984 rockumentary parody flick This Is Spinal Tap, which is stacked full of hilarious clichés about the music industry, Borrell explained that in the early days of the band, they would often find themselves in similar situations to those in the movie. According to Borrell:

We’ve had some amusing arguments. Very Spinal Tap. We were Spinal Tap from the start, before we’d even sold a record – it was amazing. It was like, I thought I asked for a hotel room with a bath in it, not a shower… before we’d even put a single out.

Borrell and bandmate David Sullivan Kaplan were speaking to NME at last weekend’s V Festival and also revealed which band member goes missing the most, Borrell explained that “Fred [Stitz] zips in and out of dimensions – sometimes he takes you with him as well, it’s brilliant.” Kaplan added: “We practically left him in Chelmsford yesterday. The bus was literally driving off site and we realised he wasn’t on it… we had to put him in a net a drag him onto the bus.”

Watch the rest of the video to find out Razorlight’s essential tour items, what the worst gig they’ve ever played is and to see if Johnny Borrell pays for his porno mags or not.