The band say the shows are going to be "really special"...

Razorlight fans can expect to hear some new material when the band kick off the NME ROCK’N’ROLL RIOT tour next week.

Speaking backstage at their Los Angeles debut at the Troubadour on Wednesday night (September 22), guitarist Björn Ågren told NME.COM the group have three new songs, including ‘Love, Lust And Lotion’, which are working their way into the set.

“It’s all about slipping it around, trying to keep it fresh,” he said of trying out the new songs live. “Also, that’s out of respect to the crowd as well, because if I go see a gig I don’t want to see the same rehearsed gig with the same songs in the same sequence.”

Ågren said another one of the recently debuted tracks — ‘Keep The Right Profile’ has been around for a while.

“It’s got a [strong] backbeat to it. [the lyrics go] ‘Keep the right profile/eat the right food’,” he said. “The actual song is a year old, but it [didn’t feel] right until now. You can’t force things because if you sit down and go ‘Right! We have to write a hit single, in three days,’ you can do it, you can get a song, but people just know.”

‘Anywhere Else’ may also make it into the setlist.

“That’s really good, but then the thing is, in one way it’s great to do new songs, but on the other hand, we don’t want to play them until they’re fully ready because we’re really trying to step up the music and make it into something different. We’re better as a band, we’re more together and we can evolve to the next step. None of us [are] interested in making ‘Up All Night 2’.”

Razorlight will return to the UK later this week to prepare for the tour.

“We’re going to lock ourselves in a warehouse in west London when we come back and basically plot out the whole [show],” Ågren said. “It’s going to be really special ‘cos now people have seen us live and they know that we try and make it really special. Then you take it to the next level, you involve everything else, like lights and without saying too much and it’s just taking the next step.”

The sold out tour calls at:

Keele University (September 28)

Norwich UEA (29)

Nottingham Rock City (30)

Hull University (October 1)

Leeds University (3)

Manchester Academy (4)

Newcastle University (5)

Glasgow Barrowlands (7)

Cardiff University Great Hall (8)

London Brixton Carling Academy (9)

Bristol Carling Academy (10)

Portsmouth Pyramid Centre (11)

Birmingham Carling Academy (13)

London Astoria (14)