Razorlight team up with The Kinks

The bands reinterpret a classic

Razorlight and Kinks legend Ray Davies have gone into the studio to re-record one of the 60s band’s biggest hits.

Last week, Razolight singer Johnny Borrell and Daviesentered a London studio to put together a new version of The Kinks’ Number One single ‘Sunny Afternoon’.

The timing for the new version couldn’t be better – it is 40 years since the song soundtracked the World Cup in England in 1966, and Razorlight wanted to have another go to coincide with this year’s event.

“They wanted to do ‘Sunny Afternoon’ and they wanted me to sing on it and in the end I sang a lot of it and helped produce it”, Davies told NME.COM. “We’ll see how it works out. If we think it’s tacky we won’t put it out. Actually if we think it’s tacky we will put it out!”

Davies and Johnny Borrell hit it off instantly, as the pair grew up in similar parts of London. He continued: “We went in (to the studio) last weekend. Johnny was great, the band were great. Johnny grew up about ten yards from where I live. It was great and we had a lot in common. I loved the new album.”

Johnny’s a huge fan,” a friend of Borrell explained, “and he’s from Muswell Hill which is near where Ray lives. There’s a rumour that Paul Weller and Beth Orton were involved in the project too – although it’s unclear when it’ll come out.”

A spokesperson for Davies told NME.COM the single hasn’t yet been scheduled, although a source close to the project said they wanted it released in the summer.

In the meantime, Razorlight were set complete their second album this week. The currently untitled record is due out in July.