The band follow in the footsteps of Hope Of The States and The Ordinary Boys by playing the rockin' Frog club...

Razorlight will be playing at LONDON’s MEAN FIDDLER tomorrow (May 8), giving fans a chance to hear tracks from their newly completed debut album ‘UP ALL NIGHT’.

The band will be performing at the new rock’n’roll party Frog at the venue on Charing Cross Road. The night kicks off at 11pm and runs through till 4am.

Singer Johnny Borrell told NME.COM: “I’ve got half a mind to play the new album in its entirety… I’m looking forward to playing ‘Golden Touch’ – there’s been such an overwhelming response to that… so it’ll be great to hear everyone singing that back.”

As previously reported on NME.COM, despite Razorlight completing ‘Up All Night’, their drummer Christian Smith-Pancorvo will leave the group shortly, after claiming the rock‘n’roll lifestyle was affecting his health.

“Tell everyone to bring some flowers for Christian’s departure and the general well being and brotherhood of man,” said Borrell. “If you bring flowers you get in for a fiver – even if you don’t have a flyer. One flower will do.”

Print out a copy of this story and bring it along to get into Frog for just £5 before 12 and £7 after 12. The secret password, ‘ribbit’, is left to the Frog-goers discretion.