Johnny Borrell: ‘I’ve considered renaming Razorlight’

Frontman also responds to ridicule of publicity shot of new line-up

Johnny Borrell has said he considered changing his band’s name from Razorlight after the departures of guitarist Carl Dalemo and bassist Björn Agren earlier this year.

Gus Robertson and Freddie Stitz were drafted in to replace the duo in January, with David ‘Skully’ Sullivan Kaplan continuing on drums after replacing Andy Burrows in 2009.

Their appointments were announced with the release of a new band publicity shot earlier this year.

Borrell told the News Of The World he was unconcerned by the widespread ridicule the snap (right) was met with.

“If people were laughing, then good! You shouldn’t change what people ridicule you for, because in reality it’s your strength,” he remarked.

Borrell went on to admit that the commercial failure of the band’s last album, 2008’s ‘Slipway Fires’, convinced him to keep the band going.

“I thought about changing our name from Razorlight. But we had two records that were slam-dunks, before the third one missed the target. I couldn’t stand the thought of that miss being Razorlight‘s legacy,” he commented.

The singer also spoke about plans for recording a new album, which is set to be produced by either ex-Suede man Bernard Butler or U2 cohort Steve Lillywhite.

“Right now I don’t mind if our return doesn’t succeed because we’re going to make an amazing album and have the best time making it,” Borrell added.

Razorlight are due to launch their comeback this festival season with gigs at Get Loaded In The Park, Guilfest and Brighton‘s Shakedown Festival.