Ring Johnny's mobile on the Razorlight hotline...

Razorlight’s JOHNNY BORRELL is offering fans the chance to ring his mobile and have a chat.

The singer – who was snapped for a recent cover of NME with the mobile number scrawled across his chest – has launched the Razorlight Hotline, which features in the band’s new video for the forthcoming single, ‘V.I.C.E.’.

Speaking exclusively to NME.COM, Borrell said: “It’s hard to express this without being cheesy but it’s like the Razorlighthotline and you can phone it up, leave a message, ask us anything and we’ll call you right back – any problem, no matter how big or small.”

He added: “It’s in the lyrics of ‘V.I.C.E.’ I was ad-libbing at the time, singing: “You can take this number down and ring it right back/Ring it back/It’s 07761010233/Ring it off the wall/ Ring it off the wall/Ring it right back/ Yes it’s just life”…. That was my phone number at the time.”

Explaining his decision to advertise his phone number to the entire world, Borrell said: “You do all of these gigs and you see all of these people and you sort of think you wouldn’t mind hanging out and talking to some of them, but it be gets difficult leaving the stage when it turns into a scrum.”

As previously reported, the band are the headliners of this year’s NME Rock‘N’Roll Riot Tour, brought to you in association with O2 Music, which will be tearing through a university near you in the autumn.

The group will follow in the footsteps of last year’s headliners Jet to play our annual tour, which kicks off at Keele University (September 28), and rips through a dozen more university cities, ending with a gig at the London Astoria on October 14.

The tour visits: Keele University (September 28)

Norwich UEA (29)

Nottingham Rock City (30)

Hull University (October 1)

Leeds Metropolitan Uni (3)

Manchester Academy 2 (4)

Newcastle Uni (5)

Glasgow Queen Margaret’s Uni (6)

Cardiff Uni Great Hall (8)

London Carling Brixton Academy (9)

Bristol Carling Academy (10)

Portsmouth Pyramid Centre (11)

Birmingham Academy (13)

London Astoria (14)

Tickets are priced £10, £13.50 in London and are on sale exclusively via NME.COM now. So log on quick to ensure you get in to the student tour of the year!

For availability, [url=]click here or call the NME Ticketline on 0870 1 663 663.