Razorlight reveal all about new album

Band set to hit studio next month

Razorlight are set to hit to studio in February to begin recording the follow up to their 2004 debut album ‘Up All Night’.

The group have been working on new songs for months, but are hoping the actual recording won’t take too long.

“We’re aiming to do it in maybe one month,” bassist Carl Dalemo told NME.COM. “The plan is to get the record out for the summer -before the summer if possible. I think May or June at the moment, but it’s always hard to predict these things. We’ve definitely got our work cut out!”

Speaking about the creative process, Dalemo said: “Johnny (Borrell) probably writes most, but we’re all putting our ideas in. We’re working everyday on the songs together, so it’s going to show on the record that we’re all really involved and I’m sure that will be a good thing.”

Drummer Andy Burrows revealed the genesis of new song ‘When The Whip Comes Down’.

Johnny started singing this funny high part at the end, and we all stopped, laughed then thought, ‘This is fucking cool.’ It’s one of the best songs we’ve got. It’s going really well.”

As well as ‘When The Whip Comes Down’, which received an airing at festivals last summer, during recent gigs the band have been playing several other songs. Tracks including ‘Back To The Start’, ’ The Pilot’ and ‘Can’t Stop This Feeling’ are thought to be album contenders.