Johnny Borrell: ‘Razorlight’s dressing room used to be a horrible place’

The mouthy frontman also reveals he hasn't read an article about his band for four years

Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell has admitted that his band’s dressing room was once “a horrible place to be”.

The singer, who has replaced the rest of the band’s line-up completely since their third album, 2008’s ‘Slipway Fires’, told the Daily Star that his new line-up are much more comfortable around each other.

Asked about how the current band’s way of dealing with each other differed from the well documented tensions of the past, Borell said:

The Razorlight dressing room has been a horrible place to be in the past and that’s not good for anyone. You all have to bring a good energy. I’ve always been positive – I just love being in a band and love making music. I always just wanted my band to get somewhere and as soon as we did I was pretty chilled.

The singer also revealed that he has no idea of how Razorlight are perceived by the mainstream media, as he claims he hasn’t read an article about the band for over four years.

He added:

I haven’t picked up a magazine with anything about me in it for about four years so I don’t know what people think. The most important thing for me is going around the world and playing songs, and what makes it good is doing it with people you like.

Borell also spoke about the band’s fourth album, which is due out in 2012. He said of this: “I want to rehearse the fuck out of it, really know it, get in the studio and record it quickly.”

Razorlight play V Festival next weekend.