The second night is even better, say the band...


have hailed their show last night (March 24) at LONDON’s

ALEXANDRA PALACE as among their best ever.

Playing for a second night at the historic venue, bassist

Carl Dalemo said the show was among his favourite

performances by the band.

“Last night was my favourite, probably because it was a bit weird playing

the first show,” he said, “We weren’t nervous, and I managed to go on stage

completely sober last night and so did a good gig. Having 8,000 people who

are really into it, you can’t beat that.”

Dalemo added that the band were still coming to terms

with the two sold out shows which saw the band play to 16,000 people in 48

hours, including Noel Gallagher, who was present


“It’s not really sunk in, you get a bit speechless when you think about

it,” he said. “There was more anticipation on these shows because they’d

been put back and we wanted to prove we’d be even better than if we’d done

it in February, I think we pulled that one off.”

The bassist echoed comments by frontman Johnny Borrell

that the shows were the send off for debut album ‘Up All

Night’, but promised fans new material soon.

“It’s the last tour of that album so we won’t do all the songs again, so

it’s a bit sad, but we’re going to start playing new songs soon which we

think are better so it’s going to be good. You can’t play the same songs

forever,” he suggested. “We’ve got quite a lot of new songs so I guess we’re

going to start recording the album in the summer, and do some festivals in

the meantime.”

The band now set their sights on returning to the US where they tour with

Muse in May.

“Anything can happen, but I definitely look forward to the tour,” said

Dalemo. “Four weeks out in America with Muse, they’re a good band so

to keep up with them we need to do fucking good shows. We can’t fuck