Johnny Borrell says Razorlight’s record label refused to release band’s final album

"Unless I played them a 'Golden Touch' or 'America' they wouldn't let me make a record," says Borrell
Johnny Borrell has said that he had wanted to release an album with the last line-up of Razorlight but that his record label would not let him.

Borrell assembled a whole new line-up for the band before he announced the group was on hiatus while he focused on his solo career. However, speaking in this week’s issue of NME, available digitally and on newsstands now, the singer claims that he wanted to make another Razorlight album only his record label were not impressed enough by his material.

“We really felt we had a record that we wanted to put out, but my label was very fractured and it was very hard to communicate with them. The label was focused on having a super-mega hit, and unless I played them a ‘Golden Touch’ or ‘America’ they wouldn’t let me make a record. All I was trying to do was make a good record,” said Borrell.


Asked if he can imagine returning to his former band, Borrell adds: “There’ll definitely be a point where it’s going to feel exciting to do a Razorlight record. When? I dunno, somewhere in the future.”

‘Borrell 1’, the first Johnny Borrell solo album, was released this week (July 22) and features the single ‘Pan European Super Model (Oh Gina!)’ plus tracks including ‘Erotic Letter’ and ‘Ladder To your Bed’. Scroll down to see Borrell perform album track ‘Joshua Amrit’ exclusively for NME.

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