Ricky Gervais tattoos Razorlight

'Gervais is using band flesh for advertising now' says Andy Burrows

Ricky Gervais has discovered a second career as Razorlight‘s tattooist.

The comedian, who helped launched NME Radio, gave the band’s drummer Andy Burrows a temporary tattoo when both bands appeared on Jonathan RossBBC 1 show together.

Speaking to NME.COM, Burrows revealed that Gervais was actually using him as a human advert.

“It was a very thick poisonous pen and took and week and half to come off,” declared Burrows. “He’s a bit of legend, so don’t mind a pit of ink poisoning from him. He drew a big knob on my arm, fair enough.

“However the camera didn’t pick it up up on TV, so he put on his blog, I think he’s advertising his TV shows through bands’ flesh now.”

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