Razorlight hope Hawley Arms will be ‘back soon’ after Camden fire

'Pub has a special place our hearts' say band

Razorlight have spoken about their love of the Hawley Arms pub in London after it was damaged in the Camden fire yesterday (February 9).

The band were regulars at the boozer – so much so NME photographer Andy Willsher even used its upstairs room to stage an exhibition dedicated to Razorlight – which has become famous as a regular hang-out for the likes of Amy Winehouse and The Mighty Boosh.

Speaking about the serve damage to the pub in the fire, Razorlight drummer Andy Burrows told NME.COM he was sadden to hear the blaze.

“It was really sad to see the pictures after Saturday with the pub all black and the windows broken,” he explained.

“We started going there as soon as Dougie (Charles-Riddler, landlord) moved in and he really put a lot of effort into turning that place into a cool pub. We just started going there all the time as he would cook me and Johnny (Borrell, Razorlight frontman) lasagne – this was before they got a proper kitchen – when we were on our way home from the studio while we were recording the second album.”

He added that it was not only the band’s regular pub, but it was also an important hub for Razorlight.

“It just became a really special place in our hearts. That’s why Andy Willsher had his exhibition there – it felt like our dressing room!” he explained. “On a few occasions when we were playing around Camden it actually was our dressing room, they just let us use it as our base.”

Despite initial rumours that the pub had been levelled in the Camden fire – which also engulfed parts of the nearby market forcing the fire brigade to evacuate the busy north London district – the damage though severe appears not to be as bad as first feared.

“It’s not as bad as people first said to me it was and hopefully it’s going to be ok,” said Burrows. “It’s such a beautiful pub hopefully it will be back very soon.”