Razorlight’s Carl Dalemo in car crash

The incident happens before band's LA gig

Razorlight’s Carl Dalemo was involved in a car crash before the band’s gig in Los Angeles on Friday (March 9).

The bassist was driving to the show with guitarist Bjorn Agren when the incident occured, but the pair were not hurt.

Explaining the incident Dalemo said: “Me and Bjorn have been driving around in a white Mustang. We drove around San Francisco Bay and then all the way to LA. I crashed it today into this old Korean man. It was my fault.


“I was driving and looked away briefly and just went into the back of him. Thankfully he was really good about it and said he wouldn’t be suing me.”

Meanwhile, contemplating Razorlight‘s attempt to break the US, drummer Andy Burrows added: “We’re doing our own thing now. The response has been amazing from the crowds but we just haven’t had a radio hit or anything.”

Speaking to The Daily Record, Burrows said: “Hopefully we’ll come back in a few months and play bigger venues. It’s a hard country to crack but we’re confident we’ll get there one day. We just have to keep trying.”