Razorlight refuse to continue Dylan boast

Johnny Borrell won't be comparing second albums

Razorlight’s Johnny Borrell has refused to repeat his Bob Dylan boast for his band’s second album.

The singer told NME.COM that ’Up All Night’ was a better album than Bob Dylan’s self-titled debut, but he’s not comparing his second album ‘Razorlight’ with Dylan‘s follow-up ’The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan’.

He told GQ: “I’ve been dreading that question for the past three years! I would not make any comparisons. ’The Freewheelin’ is a fantastic record and I take it as a compliment that you’re even mentioning my work in the same breath.”


However, the singer does think his band have joined the same league as one music legend, Morrissey, after both acts played at the same time at this year’s V Festival.

“I was amazed at V Festival when I was told there were 45,000 people watching us and 20,000 watching Morrissey,” he explained. “I was staggered. There was a chant of ‘Who the fuck is Morrissey?’, which for someone who grew up as a massive fan of The Smiths was interesting. You feel a bit sorry for someone who was your hero, but at the same time really pleased people are getting into your stuff.”

The singer also said that he has a definite fashion plan for winter: he will be mostly wearing white.

“I’m exclusively going to wear white for the foreseeable future,” declared Borrell. “No matter how much I want to change, this is what I’m wearing until we finish touring this record.”

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