Johnny Borrell plays free acoustic gig in London

Crowds pack into Proud Galleries to see Razorlight singer play

Razorlight singer Johnny Borrell played to a thronging pen of patiently waiting fans last night (August 19) at London’s Proud Gallery in Camden.

The lead singer performed an exclusive one-off solo

performance as part of Ben Sherman‘s ’Five Decades, 12 Sundays’ series.

The gig also coincided with the launch of ‘Razorlight – From Above’, the first ever photography exhibition of Razorlight by close band associate and photographer Sophie Jarry.

Despite the poor crowd control, and the fact that most patiently waiting fans failed to even get near to the gig, Johnny Borrell’s set kicked off just after 9.30pm.

Arriving through the front entrance of Proud, the singer made his way through the crowds to the front of the stage in his black leather jacket.

Diving straight into his set, the singer launched into ‘Somewhere Else’ to the delight of the fans below.

Seeming a little nervous, Borrell muttered “This is…erm…”, before all was made clear in the shape of favourite Razorlight hit ‘Golden Touch’, a particular hit for the crowds who sung each chorus along with the singer.

Moving swiftly on, Johnny Borrell announced to the sweaty and heaving gallery “this is a song about how much I hate George Bush and Dick Cheney” before playing a rousing rendition of his band’s sole Number One single, ’America’.

Taking the short set in a new direction, Borrell was next joined on stage by a guest violinist who accompanied him on track ’Funeral Blues’, before he was additionally joined by a guest female vocalist who stole the show with her raspy blues voice.

The Razorlight photographic display is now showing at Proud Galleries in Camden.