Bands caught up in spy poison scandal

Razorlight and Cooper Temple Clause take radioactive plane

Cooper Temple Clause and Razorlight have been caught up in the plot that poisoned former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko.

The ex-KGB man died in London on November 23, after ingesting radioactive substance polonium-210.

However since his death, a radioactive trail inadvertently left by the killers has been followed by authorities to jet planes recently used by both bands.

Traces of polonium-210 were detected on recent British Airways flights from Moscow, both of which Razorlight and Cooper Temple Clause travelled on.

Ben (Gautrey, vocals) and I were indeed on the infamous flight polonium 220,” Cooper Temple Clause guitarist Dan Fisher from told NME.COM. “So far the extensive screening process has consisted of a phone conversation with a bored-sounding BA operator who reassured me that if I haven’t been sick then we should hopefully be okay. The only thing that made us sick was the weed we brought back with us. Now we know why. Radioactive weed is the future!”

Razorlight’s Andy Burrows, Bjorn Argen and Carl Dalemo were also on a contaminated aircraft, but have been since been tested and given the all clear.

Cooper Temple Clause, meanwhile, are putting their brush with espionage behind them with new single ’Waiting Game’ out on January 8, plus they have found an alternative career remixing The The Automatic.

“We’ve known for a while that The Automatic were fans of ours and we’ve been getting pretty seriously involved with remixing of late,” explained Fisher. “We DJ-ed the other week in Milan and have remixed some of our own tracks including ’Waiting Game’. Then we got approached by The Automatic’s label and were asked to remix ’Raoul’, which will be fucking cool.”

The band are also launching a Christmas competition from via from December 14.

Entitled the 10 Days Of Christmas, the band will be giving away daily prizes including an X-Box, a limited edition ten-inch version of their album and a year’s subscription to NME among others. See the site for more details.