We Are Scientists want Razorlight played at their funeral

The band take part in NME.COM's Carling Weekend: Reading Festival Q&A

We Are Scientists took part in a NME Q&A session on the Alternative Stage at the Carling Weekend: Reading Festival today (August 25).

Band members Keith Murray and Chris Cain, joined by NME news editor Paul Stokes, took questions from fans who had made it onto the site early.

As you would expect from an early festival crowd the question ranged from the profound, “what’s the meaning of life” to the ridiculous: “What would you prefer a three foot arm or an eye on your knee?” Cain’s answer: “The arm, I could hold insects I’m currently wary about touching, or break up fights that are far way.”

The crowd got most animated when one fan asked the pair who was better 1990s computer game character Sonic The Hedgehog or Super Mario – the band picked Sonic to much cheering and booing.

Asked if they “didn’t mind being bottled”, Murray told the crowd “if you’ve got it, chuck it” before directing the crowd to the main stage rather than their own NME/ Radio 1 Stage slot.

Razorlight came in for some stick after their headlining performance on the main stage last night (August 24), with fans booing after We Are Scientists were asked for their opinion on Johnny Borrell.

Murray described the singer as a “philosopher with eyes you could get lost in – I have”, before later saying he’d have a Razorlight song played at his funeral (along with the ’Lion King’ soundtrack) to “clear the place out at the end”.

The Q&A session – which followed a similar session with Hadouken! at the Carling Weekend: Leeds Festival yesterday – finished up with the last questioner asking if “we stopped dropping litter where would the Wombles live?”.

Unfortunately the furry children’s characters have not made it to America with the duo declaring “we call them cats”, but the session ended with the band getting a large round of applause.

The are now set to play the NME/Radio 1 Stage tonight.

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