Klaxons give shout out to new members at Carling Weekend: Leeds Festival

Despite injuries the new ravers headline NME/Radio1 Stage

Klaxons gave a shout out to their new members during their Carling Weekend: Leeds Festival tonight (August 24).

The band recruited new member Joe Daniel, founder of Angular Records and guitarist for The Violets, who filled in for Jamie Reynolds due to his broken leg.

Before the track ’Hall Of Records’ Reynolds said: “This has been a massive day for us. Joe’s been with us for three weeks. Let’s hear it for Joe Daniel.”

Reynolds was still wearing a cast on his leg and was carrying a crutch but looked regal in the specially made outfits.

The band were dressed in specially made outfits for their headlining appearance in the NME / Radio 1 tent.

Reynolds and James Righton were dressed in black and silver outfits and played their gig to a sea of glowsticks.

The band also dedicated ’Totem On The Timeline’ to drummer Steffan Halperin he said: “Let’s hear it for Steffan!”.

Before ’Not Over Yet’ ReynoldsLeeds you’ve been fucking mad. We don’t want to leave you. We’ve been Klaxons and you’ve been fucking amazing!”

Klaxons played:

‘The Bouncer’

‘Atlantis To Interzone’

‘Hall Of Records’

‘Totem On The Timeline’

‘Golden Skans’

‘Forgotten Works’

‘Two Receivers’


‘Gravity’s Rainbow’’

‘As Above So Below’

‘Isle Love Her’

‘It’s Not Over Yet’

‘Four Horsemen of 2012’

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