Brand New and fans combine for Carling Weekend: Reading Festival set

US band provoke massive singalong

Brand New played an impassioned set at the Carling Weekend: Reading Festival tonight (August 24).

Playing ahead of headliners Ash on the NME/Radio 1 stage, the US band’s set was as impressive for the fan reaction it inspired as much as the group’s own performance. From the moment the Long Islanders kicked off their set under a blaze of bright lights, the fans who had packed out the tent were hollering every word of every song loudly and clearly back at them.

Noting their efforts, singer Jessie Lacey said to the crowd “Thanks for being here,” ahead of ‘The Archer’s Bows Have Broken’. With crowd clapping along loudly throughout the sing, the singer was inspired to play his guitar with his teeth midway through the extended instrumental section.

Inspiring even more out of the fans with his Hendrix-esque gesture, Lacey then dedicated ‘Tommy Gun’ to “anyone who came to see us at the Barfly the first time we played in the UK, we’ve come a long way.”

He then told a story – possibly acrophyal – about another journey he had taken recently. “I went to Vienna the other day and we were walking in the mountains, through this river and there was this landslide,” Lacey told the audience ahead of ‘Jesus Christ’. “The rocks were hitting the water at such velocity. There was a nearby down and some women children died, this song is about that: the end of the world.”

With the crowd in still in good voice, the band climaxed with ‘You Won’t Know’, Lacey finishing up the band’s set practically screaming with lung-bursting urgency, to the loud approval of his fans-cum-backing singers.

Brand New played:

‘Sowing Season (Yeah)’


‘The Archer’s Bows Have Broken’

‘Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Doesn’t’

‘Jesus Christ’

‘Degausser (Take Apart Your Head)’

‘You Won’t Know’

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