Enter Shikari mix excrement, Interpol and Antiques Roadshow at festival

St Albans ravers play strange Carling Weekend: Reading Festival set

Enter Shikari packed out the NME/Radio 1 Tent at the Carling Weekend: Reading Festival this evening (August 24).

Taking the stage to the soundtrack to the ‘Antiques Roadshow’, the band ran through a frenetic set which induced fans to form human pyramids and sing along in mass unison.

“What’s up, we’re Interpol!”, joked lead singer Roughton Reynolds, to mass cheers from the crowd. “Do us a favour, scream ‘shit'”, he continued, prompting the packed audience to scream back to him.

From there the band ran through a set mainly culled from their debut album, ‘Take To The Skies’, including crowd favourites ‘No Sweat’ and ‘Return To Energiser’.

During ‘No Sweat’ three fan formed pyramids, before collapsing into the moshpit formed at the front of the stage, causing the rest of the crowd to cheer the efforts of their peers.

The set geared up a level when, during ‘Johnny Sniper’, bassist Chris Batten and drummer Rob Rolfe left their instruments and performed a choreographed dance, including a ‘fishing rod’ dance move from Rolfe towards the audience.

Before playing ‘OK, Time For Plan B’, Reynolds said: “Is anyone gonna bare watching Razorlight tonight?”, referring to the Main Stage headliners for this evening, inducing jeers and laughs from the crowd, before the band left the stage, Rolfe yelling “Thank you all so much” as he walked off.

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