Move risk for Carling Weekend: Reading Festival

A big slice of the festival site is up for sale

A 65-acre area of land that makes up part of the Carling Weekend: Reading Festival site is going up for sale after this year’s bash.

The news has sparked fears that the festival may be relocated.

Mean Fiddler, the company that organises the Carling Weekend: Reading Festival, hires the land from its current owners, Caledonia Investments, every year. The company combines the land with another 125-acre site it owns to complete the festival grounds.

But after this year’s bash Caledonia will sell the land to the highest bidder, meaning that a new owner may not wish to have the festival held on the land.

Melvyn Benn, head of Mean Fiddler, said that he plans to buy the land for Mean Fiddler to secure the festival’s future. But Roger Hicks, the property agent in charge of selling the land, says he expects bids of up to £5 million – double what Benn said he would consider offering.

However, Hicks explained that although Mean Fiddler may not end up buying the land outright, he expected any person or company who does to rent it back his company.

Either way, Benn seemed confident that the festival would continue at its current Little John’s Farm site. “It started there in 1971 and it’ll be going on for another 35 years,” he said.

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