Gallows singer gets tattooed live onstage

Blood flows on the Lock -Up Stage at Reading

Gallows singer Frank Carter got tattooed live onstage during his band’s set on the Lock Up Stage at the Carling Weekend: Reading Festival tonight (August 26).

Taking the stage at 20:20 BST, Carter led his band through a chaotic set which involved rigging climbing, mass moshing and the aforementioned tattoo.

Before playing ‘Sick Of Being Sick’, Carter said, “This has been the best gig of my life – I don’t want to forget it. But in half an hour I won’t be able to remember a fucking thing, so I’m going to get a tattoo.”

After the statement Chad Gilbert, guitarist of US rockers New Found Glory, set to play in the tent later in the evening, walked on-stage with an electric tattoo gun and tattoo-ed Carter‘s arm, prompting mass cheers from the crowd.

Carter and his band didn’t let the chaotic atmosphere dissolve, running through songs such as ‘In The Belly Of A Shark’ and ‘Black Heart Queen’ at turbo speed, with Carter dancing and flailing manically as he sang.

Earlier in the set Carter had introduced his mother on-stage, giving her a kiss in front of cheering fans, and revealing that his auntie was also watching the band tonight.

Before playing ‘Black Heart Queen’ Carter’s mobile phone rang, so he answered it, then said to the crowd, “It’s my girlfriend! I’ve got a Hollywood girlfriend, would you believe. Everybody say ‘Hi’!” The crowd shouted a greeting to Carter’s girlfriend, on the other end of the phone.

The set ended with Carter launching himself into the crowd then scaling the pole in the middle of the tent. Ten feet above the crowd, Carter watched as fans sang the chorus of ‘Orchestra Of Wolves’ to him before he leaped down, and was carried back to the stage before leaving to a huge wave of cheers.

Straight after the set Carter was congratulated by friends backstage, where he told NME.COM: “That tattoo hurt like fucking hell.” The singer revealed that the tattoo was a lock with seven dots, to mark the Lock Up Stage and the year 2007.

“It’s just black on black though,” Carter continued, as blood dripped down his already heavily tattooed arm. “You can’t really see it.”

Gallows played:

‘Come Friendly Bombs’

‘Abandon Ship’

‘Just Because You Sleep Next To Me Doesn’t Mean You’re Safe’

‘Rolling With The Punches’

‘Six Years’

‘Nervous Breakdown’

‘Sick Of Feeling Sick’

‘Black Heart Queen’

‘In The Belly Of A Shark’

‘Orchestra Of Wolves’

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