Fall Out Boy bottle their friend at Carling Weekend: Reading

They cover Michael Jackson, Akon, R Kelly and Huey Lewis!

Fall Out Boy ripped through a drama-free set this evening (August 26) at Carling Weekend: Reading, with a covers-heavy set during which they poked fun at the bottling of Panic! At The Disco last year.

Taking to the stage at 5.35pm BST, the current kings of emo opened with their own song ‘Thriller’, but later in the set performed a cover of Michael Jackson‘s ‘Beat It’.

Bassist Pete Wentz as usual did much of the between-song talking, referring to last year’s bottling and the ‘War On Emo’ media storm.

“Who was here at Reading last year?” he asked the crowd. “People are always talking about a war on emo so we’ve decided we’re going to do a cover of our favourite song for you guys”, before launching into a medley of Akon‘s ‘Don’t Matter’ and R Kelly‘s ‘Ignition’.

“People were asking us if we were nervous about playing Reading,” Wentz continued after the song. “We said no, because people here have always been really hospitable to us. But we don’t want be hit in the head with a bottle, because that sucks, so we brought our friend here, and he’s going to break a real beer bottle over his head.”

The band’s pal then appeared on stage and smashed a beer bottle into his forehead, resulting in a bloody nose which dripped as he danced up a storm for the remainder of the set.

“We figured when you come to a festival, it sucks when you don’t know any of the songs so we figured we’d do a cover. Scream when you know what song it is, but don’t scream before then,” Wentz ordered as the band tore into a cover of ‘Beat It’.

The band went on to cover Huey Lewis And The Newa‘s ‘The Power Of Love’ before wrapping up their set with ‘Saturday’.

Fall Out Boy played:


‘Where Is Your Boy’

‘The Take Over The Break’s Over’

‘Don’t Matter/Ignition’

‘Sugar We’re Going Down’

‘Hum Hallelujah’

‘Beat It’

‘Carpal Tunnel’

‘This Aint A Scene, It’s An Arms Race’

‘Thanks For The MMRS’

‘One And Only’

‘Dance, Dance’

‘The Power Of Love’


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