Red Hot Chili Peppers: ‘John Frusciante’s departure was a relief’

Band admit they once thought they'd 'never do it' without their former axeman though

Red Hot Chili Peppers have spoken about the departure of their longtime guitarist John Frusciante, whose departure they have described as “a relief, but a positive relief”.

Frusciante quit the band in 2009 and has since been replaced by former Warpaint member Josh Klinghoffer, who has made his recording debut with the band on their new album ‘I’m With You’, which comes out on August 30.

Speaking to The Sun, frontman Anthony Kiedis said of the guitarist’s departure:

The time John revealed his plans to move on was something everyone had sensed and was emotionally prepared for. You can’t carry someone who doesn’t want to be there – not that he was kicking and screaming. He played his ass off till the last note so his departure was a relief, but a positive relief.


Bassist Flea added that the band were fearful of working without Frusciante, despite the fact that the guitarist had already left the band once before.

He said:

It was different this time. We’d made three records with him and had a lot of success and John’s writing and creative input was such a big part of that. I thought we’d never do it without John – it would be stupid to try. But when he left, I was presented with this new reality of what it was and it made me realise and we had to go on and could go on.

Red Hot Chili Peppers tour UK and Irish arenas in November.