Red Hot Chili Peppers disbanding: ‘The last album was shocking!’

Fans comment on the band's hiatus

Music fans have commented on Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ decision to temporarily disband.

Fans of the band posting on NME.COM widely believe that the hiatus is necessary for the band to regroup, with many slamming the group’s performance at Reading Festival last year.

One fan, Andyg1983, said: “Hopefully they will come back with something different, it’s been needed – the last album was shocking!”

Guiltypleasure applauded the decision, saying: “I think its a good thing they’ve decided to have a break. ‘Stadium Arcadium’ was not the best they’ve produced. They need a bit of breathing space and they might come back with better material and smaller egos.”

Jkap123 speculated on another reason for the break, stating: “They’re probably just bored and want to move on. Plus, the prospect of getting back together in 10 years and making millions from a reunion album and tour is probably appealing.”

Some fans were saddened by the decision, however, with Gaz_Blanchard99 saying: “I think people seem to forget that RHCP have arguably the most talented guitarist and bassist in the world. The band may not be everyone’s cup of tea but the musicianship involved is second to none.”

Likewise, Underclasshero said: “‘Stadium Arcadium’ was still a pretty amazing follow-up to ‘By The Way’.”

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