Red Hot Chili Peppers disband

Anthony Kiedis and co. step away from music

Red Hot Chili Peppers have disbanded for at least a year.

Singer Anthony Kiedis has revealed that the band members will step away from music to concentrate on their individual lives.

The singer told Rolling Stone that the band have decided to pause for 12 months after becoming exhausted with their hectic schedule.


The star went on to explain that he will spend more time with his family, while bassist Flea and guitarist John Frusciante are set to work on individual musical projects.

“We’re disbanded for the moment,” he said. “We took a very long time to make the ‘Stadium Arcadium’ record (released in 2006). It was a grueling, long haul and it followed two other very long hauls, ‘Californication’ (1999) and ‘By the Way’ (2002).

“So we didn’t really stop until the tour ended last year. We were all emotionally and mentally zapped at the end of that run. The discussion was, ‘Let’s not do anything Red Hot Chili Peppers-related for a minimum of one year, and just live and breathe and eat and learn new things.'”

He added: “I’m just home, hanging out with this really cool little kid, learning how to surf. But I’m starting to get just a little bit of a tingle that it would be nice to start thinking about songs and pieces of music. But just pieces.”