Red Hot Chili Peppers round off day two at Coachella

Anthony Keidis and co enjoy glorious homecoming

Red Hot Chili Peppers brought the second day of Coachella to a triumphant climax tonight.

The Los Angeles funk punks tore through a hit-packed set on the main stage in front of rapturous hometurf crowd.

After a grandiose introduction, the band played an opening volley of ‘Can’t Stop’, ‘Dani California’ and ‘Otherside’ .

Bass player Flea was on top form, teling the crowd, “the more you sweat, the more electricity you conduct”, before launching into a bass solo. Later on he joked: “What’s a sheep with no legs? A cloud!”

Perhaps paying tribute to the large number of dance acts on today’s bill, the band also segued their cover of Stevie Wonder‘s ‘Higher Ground’ into a few bars of ‘I Feel Love’ by Donna Summer .

Red Hot Chili Peppers also gave a situationist airing to ‘Give It Away’, with slogans including ‘Papa’, ‘Marley’, ‘Routine’ and ‘Water’ flasing behind them on the big screens, before rounding off with ‘Under The Bridge’ and ‘By The Way’.

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