Producer Rick Rubin is putting the record together...

Legendary producer RICK RUBIN is putting together a compilation of peace songs featuring the likes of AUDIOSLAVE, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS and [a][/a].

The album, which is yet to be given a release date, is being put together by the producer following last year’s war in Iraq.

He told MTV: “Typically, when I record an artist we’ll do a song for peace, and I’ve been collecting them up. It’s something I feel good about.”

Rubin revealed that he wanted to make the record after the Grammy Awards in 2003.

He claimed: “Before they went out to either present awards or play, artists were threatened that if they mentioned the Iraq war, they would not be invited back to the Grammys, ever, under any condition.

“This really upset me, and it made me realise that while a single artist can talk about a subject on his or her own, it’s rare for artists to get together and talk about a single idea. The Grammys were a place where a lot of artists gathered together who probably had similar feelings about the war and probably could have spoken with some unity, but that right was taken away from them. That was my impetus to create a space where a group of artists could stand together for something they believed in.”

The album will feature a collection of cover versions and originals, although a final tracklisting is currently unconfirmed.